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Relationship - ATCvet and the ATC (human)

The ATCvet system is based on and annually updated according to the changes in the ATC system for substances used in human medicine. Many of the substances may thus not have a well established use or may be of limited relevance for veterinary medicine. However, pharmacotherapy in veterinary medicine is rapidly developing, and substances and groups of drug regarded to be of limited relevance some years ago, are now included in armamentarium of the veterinarian.

The ATCvet system as it is outlined in the ATCvet Index and Guidelines for ATCvet classification should be regarded as a maximum selection to choose from when classifying products in veterinary medicine. Derived from the ATC system the ATCvet system is modified with some minor adaptations created to better fit the system to its purpose. In most cases an ATCvet code can be created by placing the letter Q in front of an existing ATC code in the human ATC system when classifying a product in the ATCvet system. In some cases, specific ATCvet codes are created. An additional 1st level, QI - Immunologicals, is also included to accommodate vaccines and immunologicals according to species, see the following.

Last updated: 2023-12-21