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This group comprises many different types of drugs, and assigning DDDs are difficult. Very few DDDs are assigned in this group.


V03AB Antidotes

Sugammadex indicated for reversal of neuromuscular blockade induced by rocuronium or vecuronium is classified here.
Hydroxocobalamine is also classified in B03BA.
Medicinal charcoal is classified in A07BA.
Atropine is classified in A03BA.
Penicillamine, which is also used in copper poisoning, is classified in M01CC.
Silibinin, which is also used in amanita poisoning, is classified in A05BA at the same 5th level as silymarin.
Anticholinesterases, which are used as curare antidotes, are classified in N07AA.
Clonidine low strength tablets (e.g. 25 mcg) are classified in N02CX, even if the indication also may be "opioid withdrawal symptoms".
Both DL-methionine and L-methionine are included in the ATC 5th level V03AB26 - methionine.

Naltrexone is classified in N07BB - Drugs used in alcohol dependence.
Combinations of oxycodone and naloxone are classified in N02AA - Natural opium alkaloids.
Combinations of buprenorphine and naloxone are classified in N07BC - Drugs used in opioid dependence.

V03AC Iron chelating agents
V03AE Drugs for treatment of hyperkalemia and hyperphosphatemia

Plain calcium products also used in hyperphosphatemia are classified in A12AA.

The DDD for lanthanum carbonate is expressed as lanthanum and is equivalent to 4.3 g lanthanum carbonate.
The DDD for ferric citrate is based on the recommended dose for chronic kidney disease patients not on dialysis.
The DDD for patiromer calcium is based on the recommended starting dose.

V03AF Detoxifying agents for antineoplastic treatment

Mesna in i.v. formulations used for the prophylaxis of urothelial toxicity are classified in this group. Mesna used as a mucolytic agent (e.g. administered by a nebuliser) is classified in R05CB.
Rasburicase is classified here, other agents (e.g. febuxostat) for treatment of hyperuricaemia, see M04AA.
Glutathione and thiosulfate are classified in V03AB - Antidotes.

The DDDs for calcium folinate, calcium levofolinate, sodium folinate and sodium levofolinate are based on the combined treatment with high doses of methotrexate.
The DDD for amifostine is based on the use as an adjunct in antineoplastic therapy.

V03AG Drugs for treatment of hypercalcemia

Sodium cellulose phosphate is classified here.
See also M05 - Drugs for treatment of bone diseases.
Cinacalcet and evocalcet indicated for secondary hyperparathyroidism are classified in H05BX.

V03AH Drugs for treatment of hypoglycemia

Oral preparations containing diazoxide for treatment of hypoglycemia, are classified in this group, while parenteral preparations used for treatment of hypertension, are classified in C02DA.

V03AK Tissue adhesives

Tissue adhesives, e.g. cyanoacrylate based adhesives (not containing fibrinogen or other local hemostatics) are classified here.
Fibrin sealants providing hemostasis at the site of application should be classified in B02BC.
Human fibrinogen for systemic use is classified in B02BB01.

V03AM Drugs for embolisation
V03AN Medical gases

Nitric oxide used in respiratory conditions is classified in R07AX.

V03AX Other therapeutic products

This group comprises agents, which cannot be classified in the preceding groups.
Nalfurafine and difelikefalin indicated for pruritus in chronic kidney disease are classified here.

V03AZ Nerve depressants

Ethanol used in ablation procedures is classified here.

Last updated: 2024-01-26