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Most of the drugs in this group are preparations for topical use. Some few preparations for systemic use with clear dermatological applications, e.g. griseofulvin (antimycotic), retinoids (for treatment of acne) and psoralens and retinoids (for treatment of psoriasis) are classified in this group.

Only oral preparations in ATC group D are given DDDs. Most products in this group are for topical use, and no DDDs are assigned because the amount given per day can vary very much according to the intensity and distribution of the disease. Consumption figures for these dermatological preparations can be expressed in grams of preparations regardless of strength.


This group comprises various dermatological preparations, which cannot be classified in the preceding groups.
Insect repellents are classified in P03B - Insecticides and repellents.

D11AA Antihidrotics

Glycopyrronium for topical use is classified here. Glycopyrronium bromide for systemic use is classified in A03AB

D11AC Medicated shampoos

Shampoos containing imidazoles are classified in D01AC.
Shampoos containing coal tar are classified in D05AA.

D11AE Androgens for topical use
D11AF Wart and anti-corn preparations

Preparations such as keratolytics for the treatment of common warts and cornified lesions are classified in this group.
Podophyllotoxin/podophyllin e.g. for the treatment of genital warts, is classified in D06BB.
Hydrogenperoxide =40% solutions used in the treatment of seborrheic keratosis or warts are classified in D11AX.

D11AH Agents for dermatitis, excluding corticosteroids

This group includes agents mainly used for atopic dermatitis or eczema.
Corticosteroides, see D07.

D11AX Other dermatologicals

This group comprises products, which cannot be classified in the preceding groups. E.g. minoxidil for the treatment of male pattern baldness is classified here.
Lithium succinate in combination with other substances, e. g. zinc sulphate is classified in D11AX04 - lithium succinate.
Diclofenac formulated as a 3% hyaluronic acid gel used in treatment of actinic keratoses is classified here.
Hydrogenperoxide =40% solutions used in the treatment of seborrheic keratosis or warts are classified here, while low strength solutions are classified in D08AX.

Last updated: 2024-01-26