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This group comprises substances used for the treatment of cardiovascular conditions.
Drugs used for the treatment of hypertension are classified in C02 - Antihypertensives, C03 - Diuretics, C07 - Beta blocking agents, C08 - Calcium channel blockers, and C09 - Agents acting on the renin-angiotensin system. For the classification of combination products of antihypertensives from different ATC groups, the following ranking should be used, from higher to lower precedence: C09, C07, C08, and C03.


This group comprises plain and combined preparations used in the treatment of cerebrovascular or peripheral circulatory disorders.
Combinations with Antihypertensives, see C02 - Antihypertensives.
Combinations with vasodilators used in cardiac diseases, see C01DA.

The DDDs are based on the doses used for the treatment of cerebral and peripheral vascular disorders.

C04AA 2-amino-1-phenylethanol derivatives
C04AB Imidazoline derivatives
C04AC Nicotinic acid and derivatives

Includes low strength preparations (e.g. nicotinic acid tablets 50 mg). Nicotinic acid preparations in high strength (e.g. nicotinic acid tablets 500 mg) is used as a cholesterol reducer and is classified in C10AD.

C04AD Purine derivatives

Combinations with nicotinic acid and derivatives are allowed at each 5th level.

C04AE Ergot alkaloids

Includes combinations with other peripheral vasodilators.
Combinations with calcium channel blockers are classified in C08CA.
Combinations of cinnarizine and dihydroergcristine are classified in N07CA52.
See also G02AB and N02CA.

C04AF Enzymes
C04AX Other peripheral vasodilators

Betahistine, cinnarizine and flunarizine are classified as antivertigo preparations in N07CA.
Papaverine preparations, see A03AD and G04BE.

Prostaglandin analogues used for pulmonary arterial hypertension or arteriosclerosis obliterans are classified in B01AC.

Last updated: 2024-01-26