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This group comprises substances used for the treatment of cardiovascular conditions.
Drugs used for the treatment of hypertension are classified in C02 - Antihypertensives, C03 - Diuretics, C07 - Beta blocking agents, C08 - Calcium channel blockers, and C09 - Agents acting on the renin-angiotensin system. For the classification of combination products of antihypertensives from different ATC groups, the following ranking should be used, from higher to lower precedence: C09, C07, C08, and C03.


This group comprises preparations used in the treatment of arrhythmias.
The agents are listed according to the Vaughan Williams classification of antiarrhythmics. The division of class I antiarrhythmics may vary, depending on the literature used. The 3rd ed. of Averys "Drug Treatment" (1987) and "Drugs" 31, 93 - 95, 1986 are used as a basis for the ATC classification. Class II antiarrhythmics see C07 and class IV, see C08 (e.g. verapamil).
Adenosine, which is also used as an antiarrhythmic, is classified in C01EB.
Combined preparations are classified at separate 5th levels using the corresponding 50-series. Combinations with psycholeptics are classified at separate 5th levels using the corresponding 70-series. Combinations with an antihypertensive e.g. reserpine are classified in C02AA.

The DDDs are based on the prophylaxis and treatment of supraventricular and ventricular arrhythmias. The DDDs are based on the maintenance dose. Preparations for parenteral administration are only used initially and are therefore given the same DDD as oral preparations.

C01BA Antiarrhythmics, class Ia

Combinations containing quinidine and verapamil are classified in C08DA.

C01BB Antiarrhythmics, class Ib

Lidocaine used as a local anesthetic is classified in N01BB. Phenytoin, a class Ib antiarrhythmic, is classified as an antiepileptic in N03. Mexiletine indicated for myotonic disorders is classified here.

C01BC Antiarrhythmics, class Ic
C01BD Antiarrhythmics, class III

Sotalol, which has class III antiarrhythmic properties, is classified in C07AA.

The DDD for ibutilide refer to ibutilide fumarate.

C01BG Other antiarrhythmics, class I and III

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