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Vitamins constitute a comprehensive group of therapeutic and prophylactic preparations. Before classifying any product it is important to be familiar with the main subdivision of the group.
It may be necessary to consider whether a product is a vitamin preparation with iron or an iron preparation with vitamins, a mineral preparation with vitamins or a vitamin preparation with minerals, or if the product should be regarded as a tonic etc. As an aid to such considerations, guidelines are given at each sublevel.
Vitamin B12 is classified in B03 - Antianemic preparations.
Vitamin K is classified in B02 - Antihemorrhagics.
Vitamins administered as i.v. solution additives, see B05XC.
Some definitions:
Multivitamins: Products containing minimum vitamins A, B, C and D. One B-vitamin is sufficient.

B-complex: Products containing minimum thiamine, riboflavine, pyridoxine, nicotinamide. The products may contain other B-vitamins.
Combinations of vitamins, vitamins with minerals or other substances that do not belong to other 4th levels and are mainly indicated as food supplements, see A11J.


The group is subdivided:

A11JC Vitamins, other combinations

Combinations with trace elements are allowed.

The DDDs are given as fixed doses (1 tablet = 1 UD; 30 ml mixture = 6 UD), except for concentrated ACD vitamin drops.

A11JA Combinations of vitamins
This group comprises all combinations of vitamins with no addition of other substances, not covered by the preceding groups.
A11JB Vitamins with minerals
This group comprises all combinations of vitamins with minerals in sub-therapeutic doses, not covered by the preceding groups. Definitions of sub-therapeutic doses of iron and calcium, see A11AA01 and A11AA02.
See also A12 - Mineral supplements.
A11JC Vitamins, other combinations
This group comprises all products, which contain vitamins (with or without minerals) and in addition other substances, e.g. caffeine. Combinations with melatonin not indicated for sleep disorders are classified here. Combinations with folic acid are classified in B03BB if "folic acid deficiency" is the main indication.
This group contains products, which may also be regarded as tonics. No sharp line has been drawn between these two groups.
Tonics are classified in A13. The vitamin content of tonics should be rather low.

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